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AAEI Kolkata Vintage/Classic Car & Bike Rally 2024 .

Cruising Through Kolkata's Timeless Charm

Today, we embark on a journey through time, fueled by nostalgia and the roar of vintage engines. The Automobile Association of Eastern India (AAEI), one of the planet's oldest automobile associations, proudly presents the 2024 Kolkata Vintage/Classic Car & Bike Rally, in collaboration with the Kolkata Automotive Sports Association (KASA) and the iconic Calcutta Rowing Club (CRC).


Our Story

AAEI: A Legacy of Mobility

Established in 1904, AAEI boasts a rich heritage of serving over 20,000 members across Eastern India. We champion the cause of safe and responsible motoring, while also nurturing a passion for vintage automobiles. The Kolkata Vintage/Classic Car & Bike Rally is a testament to this dedication, showcasing the timeless beauty and engineering marvels of a bygone era.

Celebrating Kolkata's Spirit .

This year, prepare to witness the City of Joy decked out in chrome and classic elegance. On Sunday, February 4th, 2024, a cavalcade of vintage automobiles will embark from the hallowed grounds of the Calcutta Rowing Club. The rally will traverse a 20-kilometer route, weaving through the heart of Kolkata, past its colonial landmarks and vibrant streets.


              • A dazzling display of vintage cars and motorcycles, each a masterpiece of
                automotive craftsmanship.
              • A vibrant atmosphere filled with the sounds of engines, cheers of spectators, and
               the camaraderie of car enthusiasts.
             • A unique opportunity to experience Kolkata's history and culture through the lens of
               vintage motoring.
              • Extensive media coverage, capturing the spectacle for the nation to witness.


This is more than just a rally; it's a celebration. A celebration of heritage, of passion, and of
the enduring spirit of Kolkata. We invite you to join us, whether as a participant, a spectator, or simply a curious observer. Let's witness the magic unfold as vintage chrome meets the cobbled streets of Kolkata, leaving a trail of memories and the sweet scent of nostalgia in its wake. Mark your calendars for February 4th, 2024. The Kolkata Vintage/Classic Car & Bike Rally awaits!

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