Are you a member of AAEI?



If not please be a member of AAEI for getting the following essential services which are rendered by AAEI:-


Auto Emission Test Services                                 Anti Theft Device Discount                 

Breakdown Service                                                Casual Driver Service                                      

Car Examination                                                   Club Service                           

Carnet-De-Passages                                              Car Attendants                       

Driving Tests                                                          Driving Tuition Services           

Insurance Rebate                                                   International Driving Permit     

Membership Renewal Services                           Park Attendant Service                   

Petrol Pump                                                            Touring Service                      

Tax & License Renewal Services    



AAEI Guest House (A.C.) at Digha


Online Booking for


West Bengal Tourism Development Corporations’ Bunglows

Membership Subscription rates, Entrance fees etc. at Head Quarter:


Life Members (Individual) :

For 2 cars:                                …                                …        Rs:- 1,51,230/-

(Separate Cheques Rs.47,200/- + Rs1,04,030/-)

Each Additional Car                …                    …                   Rs.   20,000/- + GST(18%)

Life Members (Corporate):


For 2 cars                                 …                                …        Rs:-  2,02,230/-

(Separate Cheques Rs.76,700/- + Rs.1,25,530/-)

Each Additional Car                …                                …        Rs.   25,000/- + GST(18%)

Ordinary Annual Members (Individual) :


One Car                                   …                                …        Rs.    75,780/-

(Separate Cheques Rs.20060/- + Rs.55,720/-)

Each Additional Car                …                                …       Rs.    2,500/- + GST(18%)

Ordinary Annual Members (Corporate) :


For 2 cars                                 …                                …        Rs.   96,040/-

(Separate Cheques Rs.28,320/- + Rs.67,720/-)

Each Additional Car                …                                …       Rs.     5,000/- + GST(18%)




Annual Members (Individual)               Rs. 2,100/- Including GST(18%)        

Family Members ( Wife only)                Rs. 2,100/- Including GST(18%)        

Annual Members (Corporate)               Rs. 4,500/- Including GST(18%)        


Following Documents Required for New Membership:-


i)          Three copies Pass Port size Photograph

ii)         Xerox copy of R.C. Book / Smart Card

iii)        Rubber Stamp for Corporate Member

iv)        Xerox copy of PAN Card.